“Spectacular performances are preceded by spectacular preparation.” (Frank Giampaolo)


The Women’s Tennis Association Tour draws as much publicity as their male counterpart

Bruguera Tennis Academy has been named among the top 100 on the WTA tours. The academy has a website of its own which was initially launched in Spanish. However, today the English version of the website is also available. There can be many reasons behind why the website has been launched in English such as growing popularity, the number of English speaking people visiting the page and so on. However, I have a personal feeling that though the mentioned reasons are valid, the main reason behind the launching of the English website was to promote the Bruguera Training Methodology all over the world.  The Method is linked with Lluís Bruguer who is named among the best coaches in the world and Sergi Bruguera a renowned Tennis player from Spain. The method is considered as a benchmark and proper course line when it comes to professional Tennis Training.

The Bruguera Method

The Bruguera Method teaches all the basic foundations for a great potential outcome

The method is composed of a comprehensive and a serious training system that involves mental, strategic and physical development. The main purpose of the method is to develop and promote a tennis playing style that consists of footwork, acceleration, defense, attack, and balance. The method teaches the players how to automate their movements, organize their playing style and manage their relationships and emotions. The method focuses on the players’ mental toughness, fitness, technical development, video analysis, nutrition and formal education. The Bruguera Tennis method aims to develop values which are competitive. These values include things like capacity for learning, winning character, positive mindset, and concentration.

The method has been extracted from the successful accomplishments of Llul­s Bruguera and Sergi Bruguera. The latter has won the French Open title twice and is probably one of the best players in Spanish tennis history.

 The method focuses on the players’ mental toughness, fitness, technical development, video analysis, nutrition and formal education.

The Bruguera Tennis Academy: An Insight

Spain has always been a popular tennis-loving country as evidenced by the number of tennis clubs around

The Bruguera Tennis Academy is located between the beautiful and natural surroundings of Barcelona. The climate of the city, as well as the academy, is perfect for outdoor training. The controller of the academy is Llul­s Bruguera, who aims to produce true tennis professionals after passing them through a tough and comprehensive training experience.

The Services Provided

The academy is home to fantastic facilities and it is not only a tennis coaching center, but it also serves as a recreational spot for many. Several people come here just to release their stress and to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and excellent facilities. There are countless services that can be enjoyed by you at the academy. Some major services provided here as follows:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Tennis Coaching
  • Video Analysis
  • Mental Training
  • Sports nutrition


There is no official revelation by the authorities of the academy explicitly stating why they actually launched the website in English. However, whatever may be the case, the English website is certainly helpful. You can get to know more about the academy by visiting their website. I have discussed only the main highlights of the academy and the Bruguera method here in this article. You can gain more knowledge through visiting the web page.