“I play each point like my life depends on it” (Rafael Nadal).

The above-mentioned quotation says it all. Such a high level of commitment is required for achieving success in Tennis. The majority of successful Tennis players showed this commitment when they were in the field. Rafael Nadal the man with whom the mentioned quotation is linked actually won the NextGen ATP Final in Madrid. Let’s see how he actually won!

The Match Intro

The final was played between Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. The match was surely not a walk in the park for Nadal as Thiem made him work really hard to actually clinch the Mutua Madrid Open title. Thiem looked incredibly focused before the match and was ready to put Nadal back on his heels. The next 3-5 hours were a perfect specimen of high-octane tennis. Eventually, however, Nadal was able to convert the fourth championship point of his career and won the tournament as a result. It was one serious game and everybody enjoyed it from the edge of their seats.

 The Match Summary

NextGen ATP Finals is one of the most awaited tournaments of the year

The first set was very fiery with both men giving their best.  Yes, it was surprising to many as some of the shots from Thiem were simply outstanding. Nadal, on the other hand, relied on his powerful left hand and did not try to do anything out of the blue. He relied on his game. The ultimate result of the first set was “Nadal 7-6(8)”.

Thiem was not disappointed with the first set defeat and in the second set, he still showed to the world why he was among the best in ATP World Tour. However, despite some serious efforts from his side, he started to lose his focus and it became very clear that he was losing energy fast.

Nadal, on the other hand, relied on his powerful left hand and did not try to do anything out of the blue. He relied on his game.

Razor-Thin Margins Throughout

Chalk up one more win for Nadal, and one more trophy for his trophy case back home

It was evidently clear that the margins were razor thin as the set drew close to its end.  Thiem played a wonderful forehand in the open court however the shot was responded to by Nadal with a nice backhand winner. The game went to a tie-breaker and was ultimately won by Nadal. The final result of this set was “Nadal 6-4”.

Nice speeches were made by the two men with them both congratulating each other for the amount of effort they put in to make the final worth remembering in terms of entertainment and classic play. The match was given live coverage and viewership was sky-high all over the world.

Keep Watching And Following Tennis

Overall the game went well and Nadal won the final in the end. Check out more details by clicking on this link: atpworldtour. If you are really fond of tennis and NextGen ATP then you can always go to the website of the event and learn about the future events that are about to happen. Serve by serve summaries of different matches can be found on the website of the event.