Sergi Bruguera is a well-known Spanish tennis star who was born on January 16, 1971, right in the heart of Barcelona. He belonged to a sports-loving family and his father, Llul­s Bruguera served as a captain for the Spanish federation technical team and the Davis Cup. According to credible sources, Sergi Bruguera started playing tennis at the tender age of 5. He became the champion of Trophy Sports Goofy when he was only 14 years old.


“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” (Ann Voskamp)

A young Sergi Bruguera winning his first major tournament.

Sergi Bruguera always took his training very seriously. His training location was club Can Via which is a well-facilitated club very near to Barcelona. The club provided the opportunity to Bruguera to train with some of the best in the game. He trained with people like Fernando Luna, Aguilera and Jordi Arrese. Training with these people helped Sergi in developing the right techniques. It also helped him to effectively tackle any flaws which he had identified in his play and style.

The Beginning

Sergi’s first major breakthrough came with achieving the title of Junior Champion in 1987. He transformed into a professional in 1988 and reached the final of Cairo Challenger title by beating Jordi Arrese. He was able to qualify for the 4th round in the French open of 1989. Overall he was ranked 26th in 1989.

Career Highlights

Now let’s see some of the key moments of Sergi’s career. The moments are discussed in the points below:

In the 1993 French Open he was a finalist and won the tournament by beating Jim Courier
He defended the French Open title again by beating Alberto Berasategui in the final
In 1997 he again fought his way to the finals, however, lost the final to Gustavo Kuerten
Sergi has won a silver medal in the Olympics as well. He beat Andre Agassi in the 1996 Olympics to clinch the silver medal
He won the 1991 Monte Carlo Championship by beating Boris Becker
He again won the same tournament in 1993 by beating Cédric Pioline
In 1990 he won a championship in Hamburg, Germany by beating Andrei Medvedev
In total Sergi has won 14 titles (single) with 21 runners-up
He has won 3 doubles titles.

Not Only Tennis

Sergi sharing a light moment with fellow tennis players Andre Agassi and Leander Paes

Sergi played from 1988 till 2002 and was known for his left-hand play. Apart from tennis, he is known to be a great fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. He was seen by many teams among the audience whenever he was in the USA for a match. Sergi beat Sampras in the Miami Masters and after the match, Sergi sank three different shots earning around $500. He gave the money to the ATP Charities. Sergi has also played semi-professional football in Spain.


Sergi Bruguera is no minor celebrity when ranked alongside the significant number of great tennis superstars Spain has produced over the years.”  You can get to know more about Sergi Bruguera by checking out this link to “”.