Have you ever sat starry eyed during a Wimbledon match watching Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal hit shot after shot? Did you feel the adrenaline course through your veins as Serena Williams hit the Championship point? All these influences must have got you on the courts but just holding a racket won’t magically make you a winner. Whether you know basics, have been playing before or are a beginner, here is a guide for you to follow and become better:

Enjoy Anal4K – Without Moderation

Sounds like a crazy start, right? It doesn’t have to be. Anal 4K is the debuting series that features the biggest names in the industry showcasing you the magic of internal creampies. And it’s all done the backdoor way. The winning series will bring you joy and relax while you get ready for your next tennis game. Remember, mental peace is paramount!

Make A Chart Sheet

As much as practical aids in developing, theory is also essential for holistic growth. No matter what your position is, it doesn’t hurt to know your rating through the National Tennis Rating Programme (NTRP). It’ll give you point from 1.0-7.0 starting from beginner to professional. With this information in hand, it’ll be easier to determine other strengths such as what tennis strokes suit you or your fitness level.

Be Ambitious

Without having an end goal as bull’s eye, there is no motivation. Just as professional players keep fighting to be at the top in ATP ranking; struggle to push forward with your NTRP. Set a target for every aspect and work hard to achieve them.

Practise Makes Perfect

If you’re serious about the sport, then there’s nothing more than practising that can enhance your skills. Participate in college teams, local clubs or any courts offering training. Since you already have a chart, it’s easier to identify weaknesses. For instance, if you are uncomfortable with backhand then practise the stroke with all kinds of ball angles, even the ones that should be hit by forehand. As forehand shots are usually when balls bouncing less, it’ll make the backhand stronger.

Fitness Is The Key To Success

When it comes to sports, the only way to give your 100% is by being ‘fit’. Stamina and tones muscles are especially important in tennis for a game of three or five sets requires huge amounts of energy investment. Focus on building strength, flexibility, power, speed, endurance and agility by performing exercises or going to the gym. Book a personal trainer and get on with the fitness regime. Just as Andy Roddick was known for Aces and his fast service or Novak Djokovic for his agility on court, make your own tennis style.

Love – Zero: Not Just A Game For Heart

 It’s much of a mental balance as physical. The calmer you are, the more focus will develop. Over the years we’ve seen players lose their cool, break things, argue but there are those that even in harshest conditions have remained calm. It’s essential to have a personality that will be respected especially by the opponents as well.

There’s a reason Tennis is known as ‘The Gentleman’s or a Lady’s Game’. Let the elegance and power become a part of you. Nurture your passion for you never know when you’ll become the next Naomi Osaka or Coco Gauff!