Tennis is a very popular sport played by many people and professionals from all over the world. Singles and Doubles are the major forms of the game. Some of the significant professional tennis championships included the Grand Slam and the Davis Cup. Tennis was an important sport during the Olympics. There are many great Spanish tennis players over the years.

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Seri Bruguera is a renowned Spanish tennis star who began playing the sport from a very tender age. His techniques and attitude towards the game made him very popular among the several tennis players in the world. He showed a great level of consistency defeating opponents with ease with the help of his strong techniques and immense understanding of the game. During the 1996 Olympics, he brought glory to Spain by clinching the silver medal beating Andre Agassi.

Some of his achievements include being the first male Spanish player to win the Grand Slam singles title and also winning the French Open over the great defending champion Jim Courier in the year 1993. He had enormous success on Clay. He also performed in a solid manner on other surfaces as well. In total, he has won the 14 singles titles and 21 times as runner-up. Much to his other achievements, one other prominent pride to him is his 3 doubles titles that made people aware of his excellent level of tennis play.

Rafael Nadal can easily be considered as one of the game’s greatest champions owing to its brilliant game of tennis. His greatest achievements include claiming the 10 Grand Slam Single titles, winning the Davis Cup and also claiming an Olympic Gold medal. The biggest highlight of his brilliant tennis career is that he became the 7th male player and the youngest to achieve the world-renowned Career Grand Slam at the age of 24. In appreciating his consistent brilliant level of tennis play since the 2000’s he was successfully named the Laureus World Sportsman of 2011.

His mind-blowing performances on the clay earned him accolades from the former and tennis experts, professionals from all over the world. He earned his major title in the year 2005 which was his first grand slam title. This was followed by his excellent performances during the French Open title in the year 2006 where he claimed this title for the second time successfully. He was able to defend the French open title the following year. This was easily considered as the best growing phase in Rafael Nadal’s career. 2008 can be considered as the best of all as he clinched the Olympic Gold and was considered the world Number 1 bringing a lot of pride to Spain. The Career Slam, Davis Cup, and Olympic medal are the biggest achievements of Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal has strong techniques and had an aggressive nature of play. His playing style was a behind-the-baseline style that is very strongly built on the heavy topspin. His other strengths included consistency, the groundstrokes, and the excellent speedy footwork. He can be easily claimed as the king of clay, as he is extremely consistent in winning matched at the clay. While Nadal is known for his strong footwork and aggressive mode of play, Seri Bruguera is well known for his strong techniques. He focused more on the techniques that resulted in him in winning 14 singles titles

When the singles titles are considered, Sergi Bruguera can be considered to be the better of the two considering his period. Both of these tennis players brought glory to Spain as they clinched several championships and the medals. Though they have different styles of tennis play, they showed great consistency in defeating the opponents in a very professional manner.