“Tennis is a mental game. Everyone is fit, everyone hits great forehands and backhands” (Novak Djokovic)

The Royal Tennis Club in Marbella has one of the most modern tennis facilities in the entire country.

Yes everybody can hit great backhands and forehands however this requires some seriously hard work and training. For good training, you need an excellent training facility as well.

Royal Tennis Club Marbella according to many is the best place to practice tennis due to its fantastic services and overall facilities. The club is located at the eastern end of Marbella and is very popular among the Spanish population. Apart from the well-developed panel and tennis courts, the club is also home to a new hotel that provides on-site accommodation for visitors.

Services Provided

Now let’s see some of the services which are available in the club. The services have been mentioned in the headings below.


We have a team of very competent trainers to help shorten your learning curve.

The club offers professional tennis trainers and instructors to clients, regardless of age and level. The instructors assess you and tell you where your current level of competence stands and how you can improve and become the ultimate master of the game.

Both one-on-one classes, as well as group classes, are provided in the club.


The club is ideal for kids and offers them a wide range of entertainment options like swimming classes, after-school activities, Karate and Judo etc. Different kinds of entertainment events are also held in the club.

Lit Courts

Having lit courts means being able to train at night, to simulate all possible actual game conditions.

The overall facilities in the club are not only up to the mark but are also excellently lit which means that you can enjoy the facilities even during dusky evenings and at night times. Both panel and tennis courts are boasted by the facility which means that you can access them all, regardless of what level of passion or skill actually exists in you.

Fitness Centre

There is also a well-facilitated fitness center and a Gym in the club. The Gym is home to a variety of both modern training machines as well as traditional weights. Daily lessons for Aerobics, Yoga and Power Pilates are also provided here.

On-Site Hotel

An on-site, boutique hotel is also a great asset to the facility. The hotel is equipped with bright, spacious and comfortable rooms for up to 8 guests, either as doubles, or to cater for 4 singles. As a guest, you can utilize free WIFI, gym and parking area as well.


The Royal Tennis Club Marbella not only provides you with exercising and training facilities, but it also provides you with healthy foods as well. You can enjoy these foods from the on-site restaurant that has been established here. The main feature of the restaurant is its easy access and flow to the outdoor grounds.


The Royal Tennis Club Marbella is a perfect specimen of outstanding facilities and refreshing environment. If you are passionate about tennis and if you want to continue the legacy of great Spanish tennis players then to achieve this you need to train hard and practice harder. The Royal Tennis Club Marbella is a great club which provides you with the opportunity for professional training. You can get to know more about the club by clicking this link to Royal Tennis.